Swimming for Shakespeare


I am going to swim with the sharks to raise awareness and funds for Shakespeare Behind Bars!!

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In light of recent events (especially those involving NYC’s The Public Theatre ) I realize it is more important than ever to help support arts programming that is making a positive impact in our communities.

Shakespeare Behind Bars (SBB) is one of those companies.

Shakespeare Behind Bars presents Julius Caesar at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex, May 2017, directed by Matt Wallace. Costumes by Donna Lawrence-Downs. Photos by Holly Stone

Using exclusively the works of William Shakespeare, Shakespeare Behind Bars offers theatrical encounters with personal and social issues to incarcerated and post-incarcerated adults and juveniles, allowing them to develop life skills that will ensure their successful reintegration into society.

YES!! They are one of the good guys!

So I am dedicating my 40th year (I will be turning the big 4-0 on June 21st, 2018) to Swimming for Shakespeare.

I will be be doing 40+ miles of Open Water Swimming to bring awareness and funding to companies and programs that use Shakespeare to develop life tools with our most at-risk communities.

I am literally going to swim with the sharks! That is how much I believe in the power of Shakespeare to change the world.


So join me!! Sponsor me in my campaign to raise awareness and funding and help this amazing company continue to do amazing work.

SBB serves over 450 incarcerated adults and juveniles a year.
It runs 7 programs in 2 Michigan prisons, and 6 programs in 5 Kentucky prisons.
It costs $500 a year per prisoner.

I am working directly with SBB to help make this campaign a success. EVERY DOLLAR raised over the base cost of each swim event will go directly to Shakepseare Behind Bars and the prison programs.

$10,000 for 20 prisoners is only scratching the surface, let’s aim high and blow the top off this puppy!

Shakespeare Behind Bars | Audubon Youth Development Center, Spring 2017 Final Sharing. Photo by Holly Stone

Help us make a big impact!

The good Shakespeare Behind Bars is doing:

Recidivism Rates

National average = 76.6%*
Kentucky = 40.7%** (where SBB has programming)
Shakespeare Behind Bars = 6%
*National Institute of Justice.
**Kentucky Department of Corrections

First Place in Essay 2010: Hal Cobb, Pen American Center – Prison Writing Awards

Art from SBB membrs Hal Cobb, Michael Malavenda, and Brandon Langley were featured in the BARS TO WALLS: INMATE ART EXPRESSIONS exhibit at the Schneider Hall Galleries/University of Louisville Hite Art Institute. August 19-September 25, 2011.

So I say again, JOIN ME!!
Either literally (see you on the beach!)
And help us get one step closer to changing the world.


August 4th – Cross Lake Tahoe: 10.5 miles
FUN FACT: the middle of the Lake Tahoe can be as cold as 55 degrees *brrrrr!!!*

August 12th – Escape from Alcatraz: 1.5 miles
FUN FACT: 57 degrees, strong tides, and sharks…boy do I love Shakespeare!

September 2nd – Maui Chanel: 9.5 miles
FUN FACT: 10 ft swells and vicious Box Jellyfish are normal!…and sharks

September 4th – Waikiki Roughwater: 2.5 miles
FUN FACT: this swim was the inspiration for the Kona Ironman…and sharks

September 9th – O’ahu North Shore: 3.1 miles
FUN FACT: sea turtles like to swim along…and yes sharks

September 16th – CIBBOWS Triple Dip: 3 miles
FUN FACT: this swim takes place close to home at Brighton Beach 🙂 (sometimes sharks)

October 8th – 21st Annual Bermuda Round the Sound Swim: 6.2 miles
FUN FACT: this is reconnaissance for my big birthday surprise (I don’t think sharks…)

November 1-5 – Barbados Open Water Festival: 7+ miles
FUN FACT: 5 days 5 swims!! only cute sharks

May 2018 – 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Circumnavigation: 28.5 miles
FUN FACT: yes there are actually 20 bridges around the island of Manhattan! and no sharks, but lots of dead bodies…wish I was kidding



For my 40th birthday on June 21st, 2018 I plan on circumnavigating the Island of Bermuda: 36.5 miles, probably about 40 hours of swimming (definitely sharks).

All while flying the flag of Swimming For Shakespeare!  and probably reciting monologues, haha

So help me make this epic adventure a huge success!! Sponsor me in spreading the word about Shakespeare Behind Bars and all the communities and lives they change through the words of the Bard.

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Thank you!
Much love <3